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Hi All, I've been working on a few adventures for my home brew group and wanted to get some input on if I should submit them. Let me know.

Taken from a sample campaign: Company Man (No Disintegrations pg 83) I expanded the adventure. 
Hook: The PCs are contacted by the Baron to help find a missing ship and company man Dai Danu. They are tasked with recovery of a missing C-ROC Gozanti class ship (changed) that was stolen from Sullest.

Meat: The stolen ship "Gundark's Back" has been tracked to the Rimme Trade Route. Information leads the group to Eriadu where they encounter a ship captain attempting to get back her ship at Bay 83. The group realizes that the transponder codes have been changed and its not her ship. Information recovered leads the group to Clak'Dor 7 and an eccentric pirate captain at a cantina called the "Blue Note". After some negotiations, the group makes their way to Elrood to find a corrupted Imperial Officer who has information about another C-ROC class freighter that matches the correct missing ship. Dai Danu is hidden on an asteroid base. Finally, the PCs engage asteroids and base defenses to land and capture the base and Danu or die trying...

Final: Final battle on the asteroid base and capture of the ship and criminal. 
Rewards: 10k in credits, some interesting gear, and possible a new ship.

I added some pictures. The craftsmanship of the pieces are work-in-progress and before the 3D printing crazy. pic1.jpg  pic2.jpg  pic3.jpg  pics4.jpg 


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