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Hey all,

Just got the core rule book and oggdude's character generator.  I am really new to roleplaying games-but I am wondering how to construct effective characters synergizing with species, careers and specializations.  Is there any previous discussion on this?  I am really open to later on just choosing combinations at without regard to synergy, you know , just because it would be cool. But I'm interested in finding out about the good combos.

Oh and curiously in FFG SWRPG's

Charachters force and non force sensitive choose between duty or obligation? and if you are force sensitive then you move on to morality? 

Thanks all.



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Hi Tyrone,

I do not believe that their are many discussions on the boards about power building a character.  The reason for this is the Star Wars Roleplaying Games by Fantasy Flight Games are largely more focused on story (Hence the story dice) than they are on Stats.

Now that being said there are ways to power build characters.  Many players who are looking to power build a character do so with a combination of species, career specializations, cybernetics, and gear modifications.  One that I commonly see players focus on are specializations or modifications that allow players to have advantage needs to score critical hits.  Then they use weapons like disruptors that have the vicious quality to increase the crit roll.  Finally they combine it with classes that contain lethal blows to make any hit a dear death shot.

Other power builds I have seen involve with players choosing classes that provide easy access to force rating increases and then choose force powers that allow them to roll their force rating with their skill checks to be used as their choice of success or failure (Enhance).  They do this to be super heroes with the force and rarely fail.

I myself am in the camp of I enjoy players that have strengths yes but weaknesses as well.  characters that are more focused in the story rather than gear. Afterall we do not see Luke, Han, and Leia running around with super weapons and power armors.  

But if you want to provide a concept I am sure the community can offer suggestions on how to power build a character.


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