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SP1-NDL (Spindle) has recently fallen in with the Rebellion by choice. He will never allow his memory to be wiped as he recalls being a mechanic droid for a Diplomat's family who cared for him and treated him as a sentient being, not a slave. An unknown bounty hunter murdered the family and took Spindle away to be used as a mechanic to the ship as well as to assist in assassinations through sabotage. Spindle's memory was wiped by the bounty hunter before the droid fell into the hands of the Rebellion leading some to believe the hunter had been working for the Imperials. Spindle is an introverted droid, wary of new people, but once his trust is earned he is a staunch defender of his 'family'. Spindle's goal is to one day discover the identity of the Bounty Hunter who robbed him of his family and forced him to servitude and to exact vengeance.

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