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Esper Magic

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I had a player bring up an interesting question last night. Are you allowed to sell group resources? For example, if the group played Escape at Mos Shutta, can they choose to sell the Krayt Fang and split the money they get from it?

I told them that you could not, but I thought that I would double check.
Dalia Kerns

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You are correct.  As a standard rule in your Legends of the Galaxy Public Games you cannot sell your group resource in order to obtain additional credits. 

However, if the PCs wished to sell or trade the ship, invest additional as needed credits, they could gain the benefit of a better vessel.  Doing this would require GM approval and can only be done during game play as part of a game. 

Lastly, if this is a private Legends of the Galaxy Group then they would be free to do what they want with the character resources as approved by the GM as a private game character does not co-mingle with public game characters.  
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