Legends of the Galaxy
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Dalia Kerns

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I love this adventure.  Where else do you get to perform an Imperial prison break and have the unfortunate chance of going toe to toe with Darth Vader himself.

I like to expand this adventure some by having the group originally there setting up the surveillance equipment on top of the Residential Tower, for THE BARON.  The BARON is trying to track down a Tapani Noble and leader of House Pelagia, who was believed killed when their planet was bombarded from orbit for their ties to the former Jedi Order.  Recently his son was discovered while the Rebellion was performing a raid on a prison transport.  It was in speaking to the son that they learned the Father was still alive and if they could rescue him he could win the support of the Pelagian people to the Rebellion's cause.  This can be a theme that you see in several adventures that ties the group to THE BARON's objectives.
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