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In the EotE beginner's game there is an adventure called Escape from Mos Schutta. In the very first scene, the PCs fight it out with some thugs in a bar, and the bartender is a Devaronian. I liked the Devaronian, so I fleshed him out, named him Necx Vew, and made him a smooth-talking rebellion recruiter. He assisted the PCs in obtaining the Krayt Fang in return for taking a crate to Ryloth. This, I think, makes the trip to Ryloth in The Long Arm of the Hutt a little less railroad-y. I am increasing the activity between Teemo the Hutt and the Imperials, and I think it adds a nice AoR hook for a group of players that may not want to just be scummy villians.

I liked Necx so much that I used him in a separate campaign with a second group of players. These players were playing FnD and played Lessons from the Past from the core book. After they killed the Imperial proctor and escaped on his ship, they had an extremely trackable imperial spaceship and had to flee to the outer rim in order to not be immediately captured or killed by the first star detroyer that they found. When they landed on Mirial (one of them was Mirialan) they did a little searching and had three possibilities to sell the ship - 1. a local crime lord, 2. a used car salesman type that would rip them off, or 3. Our old friend Necx who is recruiting for the rebellion.

I like having the rebellion as an undercurrent in the campaign - it fits in well with both EotE and FnD, and you can still run the normal EotE or FnD adventures, keeping the AoR stuff close at hand or for a change of pace when needed.
Dalia Kerns

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I agree I have always been a fan adding story elements adding story ideas that can better interconnect adventures.

In Escape from Mos Shutta I like to give the players more free rein with how they escape the city.  Another great Age of Rebellion hook would be if they stole the Imperial Shuttle rather than take Trex's ship.  The prisoner in Trex's ship could have been transferred there after all he had connections with a rebel cell on Ryloth.  
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