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This addition to The Long Arm of the Hutt is meant to introduce a mentor for Force Sensitive characters.

Roali is a female Cerean academic.  She is a cultural anthropologist specializing in the interactions between predominantly isolated civilizations and members of the larger galactic society (primarily scouts, smugglers, and others looking for out-of-the-way places).  Her secondary (unofficial, undocumented) interest is lost Jedi lore.

Having pieced together a number of stories about the early Clone Wars, Roali was able to identify the planet Geonosis as the site of one of the earliest battles, and possibly the single greatest concentration of Jedi Knights throughout the war.  With the population nearly wiped out, she took the opportunity to travel to Geonosis with the intent of sneaking off to search for information about the battle or even artifacts.

Captured by Duke Dimmock's soldiers she has been imprisoned, and will be transferred to Teemo the Hutt as a gift for his gladiatorial combats.

The party encounters Roali imprisoned on the Lucky Guess - Orpa and Wex know she's headed for Teemo, but none have any idea about her fate.  A curious character can hack the data chip clipped to her binders (Average Computers check) to find out Dimmock's suggestion to have her participate in the event being held in four days' time.  If asked about her imprisonment, Roali admits to searching for information about the Jedi - it doesn't really matter if anyone knows, as she's now expecting to die soon.

While they are uncomfortable with the situation, the Vios are highly unlikely to let Roali go free, as that will set two highly resourceful groups after them.  if the PCs come up with a credibe plan to eliminate Teemo and save Roali, the Vios will be relieved, and will view the PCs favorably in any future encounters.

Recognizing that she has nothing to offer in the party's fight against Teemo, Roali offers to go through with the transfer and gather information - so long as the party promises to show up within three days to rescue her.

If the party manages to rescue Roali (either by defeating Teemo, or convincing the Vio's to help free her) Roali is quite thankful, and offers her assistance to the PCs in the future.  If any character admits they are Force Sensitive, she offers to share what knowledge she has found in the hopes that they can make use of it in their studies.
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