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Kryton Antares | Guardian » Protector | Human Male

Kryton is 1.8m tall, weighs about 80kg, with blue eyes, and has shoulder-length brown hair. He has no tattoos, piercings, or major scars. 

He typically wears Alliance BDUs, load-bearing gear, and a utility belt unless the mission requires otherwise. He carries a blaster on his right thigh and a datapad on his left. As a medic, Kryton’s uniform is dotted with numerous pockets, sleeves, and loops –all filled with medical gear necessary to save the lives of those in his care.

Kryton’s dialect indicates Mid-Rim or perhaps Colonial origins.


Kryton exudes a calm confidence that translates into a good bedside manner. He isn’t necessarily the first to speak, often preferring to listen first, but it’s a mistake to think he’s soft. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and doesn’t hesitate to help or protect others.

  • Duty: Personnel
  • Morality: Justice/Cruelty
  • Motivation: Become a Jedi [ambition]
  • Force Tradition: The Jedi Order


  • Kryton was born on the mid-rim world of Takodana. His father is a doctor there who makes his practice treating locals and sometimes the occasional fugitive sheltering at Maz’s Castle. Kryton’s mother died when he was very young due to an incurable illness. Kryton is an only child and his father never remarried.
  • As a child, Kryton found a Jedi holocron while exploring some ruins one day. He of course had no idea what it was and neither did anyone else, but he liked it and the crystalline cube became one of his most prized possessions.
  • Although not a fully-trained doctor, Kryton learned much about medicine by treating a diverse range of patients at his father’s side as he grew up.
  • The recent destruction of Alderaan awakened teenaged Kryton’s latent connection to the Force and also activated his holocron. As the image of Jedi Master Goto Yuri explained the nature of the Force and the Jedi Order, a whole new galaxy began to open for him.
  • In the days that followed, news of Alderaan’s demise at the hands of the Empire reached Takodana and Kryton’s destiny started to become clear to him. The visions he saw and the sudden activation of his holocron was clearly some kind of sign. Kryton wrote a hasty letter to his father, grabbed his medkit, and he wasn’t the only one who left Takodana that day with the Alliance recruiter. The Rebellion was his chance to make sure the Empire faced justice for their crimes.
  • After completing basic training with the Alliance, they begin assigning him to special operations teams as a medic.




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