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Basically, this is what I've been working on for my upcoming campaign.  This is my source document, only slightly altered to remove some campaign specific items, so that anyone can use this locale.

It's a long one.


On the very edge of the infamous Corellian Sector on the equally infamous Smugglers Moon sits an unusual, large, and (relatively) recent metrological feature.   One of the tallest buildings on the planet, and standing out like a beacon due to lack of other similarly sized building, the Halfmoon Tower is considered the nicest part of Nar Shaddaa.  While a statement like that is laughable given the moons reputation, most who visit are surprised at how Coruscant-Like this plaza is.


Halfmoon Tower is not very notable as far as the main buildings design goes.  From the outside, it appears simply as an immense tower, whose base is that of a half-circle (hence the name).  Inside, most of the tower appears hollow, with multiple mall-like levels stacked atop each other, with upscale merchants and bistros scattered among the very high priced apartments.  The top 50 floors are single-floor apartments, virtually all owned by wealthy Hutt Scions who can afford the exuberant prices.  Inside the building, the decor tends to be nice and often lush, with many growing plants, and even a 3-story waterfall feature.  Three large elevators occur at the two points and the center of the half-circle.  


But where Halfmoon shines is the great Halfmoon Plaza.  Radiating out in the halfmoon shape from the towers base is one of the most striking sights on Nar Shaddaa.  The entire plaza (which is over 5 miles in radius) is built from high-end silvery blue metals.  Two immense parks - said to be the only greenery on Nar Shaddaa - take up two quarters of the Plaza, and two bright blue rivers flow out from the base of the tower into large lakes.  In the direct center of the Plaza is a wide and bustling road lined with numerous shops and restaurants, as well as crowds of people and small vendors.  A weather-shield bubble keeps the smog from Nar Shadda at bay, creating a hazy glow that seems to outline the plaza and make it shine, while funneling dangerous thunderstorms around the plaza and keeping the air inside very pure.

Along the edge of the Halfmoon shape are a number of large and important buildings, most notable of which is the Imperial Command HQ on Halfmoon - so chosen because the Tie Factories in orbit can regularly seen above Halfmoon Plaza, and due to specific climate control devices, are often the only place on Nar Shaddaa that can.  Next to that is the Banking Plaza, the last hold of the Banking Clan that originally built halfmoon, and further down is the Orcadix Medical Center, widely considered to be the best on Nar Shaddaa.


If one traverses away from the impressive display of Halfmoon Plaza and heads to the back end of the building, they will find what is known as the BackHalf.  Built directly into the flat, rear-facing wall of the Halfmoon building are layers upon layers of docking ports, landing pads, and warehouses extending from the flat end of the semicircle.  These go down for miles, well into the underworld beneath the plaza.  All of Halfmoon Plaza's imports go through the Back Half, and  the back end of the building is also home to numerous spacer stops and cantinas.  Other than a few select doorways, there is no way to get to the Backhalf by foot from the front side of Halfmoon or the Plaza, kept hidden away for those who don't wish to have their beautiful spot spoiled.


Directly underneath the plaza is a cavernous area now known as the Undermoon.  The Plaza is actually a very thin layer, supported by a crosshatch of supports and bridges.  The massive structure blots out the sun in the Undermoon, while the weathershield that protects the tower funnels the planets natural smog into near toxically high concentrations, and here lie some of the most desperate and degenerate among the Smuggler Moons inhabitants.  Living on the catwalks and narrow supports makes for a risky, dangerous existence.  Below the 'Dome' as the locals call it, free standing buildings that had their tops mercilessly removed to make room for the Halfmoon stand as silent tributes, with the catwalks between them rotting reminders of what Nar Shaddaa can turn into.  In this way, Halfmoon represents both the best and worst of the Smugglers moon.


The funding and creation of Halfmoon Plaza was originally done to give the Banking Clan a severe foothold on the Smugglers Moon, lead by one Gall Marduya.  It was a clever effort to muscle in on the Hutts Territory by funding an immense tourist destination and high-end living establishment.  However, after the Clone Wars, the Empire seized the Banking Clans assets, but were then unsure what to do with the highrise.  But after the Empires failed attack on Nar Shaddaa and subsequent peace with the Hutts, the Empire found an opportunity.  As part of the negotiations to install Tie Fighter Shipyards in orbit, the Empire included a deal that would return Halfmoon to the Hutts, so long as the Imperial Garrison was installed at the edge, and so long as the Hutts agreed to maintain Halfmoons high standards of cleanliness.  The Hutts agreed only after convincing the Empire to foot the maintenance and upkeep bills, as well as providing security.  This has left Halmoon in an unusual position of being both Hutt and Empire owned.  The stormtroopers that patrol Halfmoon then are incredibly strict on littering and public violence or destruction of property, but are remarkably lax on private murders and smuggling.





Halfmoon Tower - Apartments


Sinasu the Hutt's Apartment:  Taking the coveted top floor is Sinasu Gorensla Jori, a prominent member of the Gorensla clan.  He launches his operations on Nar Shaddaa from his ivory perch, which is as lavish as the gifts he often bestows as bribes to further Gorensla's agendas.  The top floor is the only apartment in Halfmoon with two full stories, and the half-domed glass peak allows him a wide view of Halfmoon Plaza, which he is heavily invested in, and also as a way to keep check on the Imperials of Halfmoon, whom would gladly destroy him and all he owns, were they to know that Gorensla helps fund the Alliance.


Joruda the Hutts Apartment:  Floor 422 is typical of the many spacious high-end apartments, this one being owned by a well-to-do Hutt, Joruda, who runs a textile business.  Like all the high-end apartments, it takes up a full floor of Halmoon, with the primary entrance being through the central rear elevator.  Once one leaves the elevator they find themselves in a small greeting office, which will then open into the apartments spacious main room, complete with a wide view of Halfmoon plaza.  15 other rooms exist on this level, which include the living quarters, a kitchen, and a servers barracks.  Like most Hutts in Halfmoon, Joruda the Hutt runs his business from the comfort of his home, and rarely has a reason to leave.


Halfmoon Tower - Mall

Floors 300-400 of Halfmoon tower are dedicated to a large, indoor mall.  The center of this section is carved out, and one can see all 100 floors if they so choose.  A prominent waterfall falls between floors 375 and 350, and a stream spirals down the floors from the waterfalls basin on 350 down to 325.  Exoctic and rare fish flit through the river and the basin, and can be observed through its transparasteel run.  Living greenery can be found throughout the mall, watered and well cared for by a full maintenance staff, which gives the mall a distinctly fresh smell (as opposed to the rest of Nar Shaddaa).  Along the interior range hundreds of high end stores and restaurants, selling all manner of fragrances, foods and clothing, the very best from around the galaxy.  Other than licensed security personal, weapons are not permitted in the mall, and the security crew are not lax in their duties.


The View - The priciest restaurant in Halfmoon, the View takes up nearly a full floor and offers exactly what it's name promises - a full view of Halfmoon plaza.  It serves a variety of dishes for a variety of tastes, but specializes in well prepared Hutt delicacies, Ithorian vegetarian meals, and Corulag style traditional dishes.  A team of 6 head chefs, each specializing in a different art, make sure all the meals are prepared fabulously.  But meals can run in the hundreds of credits, so be sure to leave a large tip.  The manager is Goeff the Hutt, arguably the cleanest Hutt in the galaxy.


Roxies Bar and Nikito Grill -  The other end of the dining spectrum, Roxies is the most affordable place in the mall, though you'll still be paying 30 creds a meal.  Roxie is a cheerful orange Nikto female who's dashing looks (for a Nikto) and sultry personality have made her a minor celebrity.  But under the facade, she is all business, and her primary interest is in making credits.  Her beer is pricy and high end, but she's found she learns a lot from the wealthy customers who frequent her establishment on their darkest days, and she knows a lot more than she let on.  Her bouncers are a trio of red Nikto Triplets who are built like tanks and fiercely loyal to her.


Ancient Healing Arts of the Huk - Kritic Kil Mirik runs a "self healing" establishment that promotes "individual growth" through "inner peace" and "exotic senses", and everyone on the planet knows it's a front for high-end spice.  But as Kritic is smart enough to pay the right people and to keep his products completely clean, he's left alone - especially since most of those who would arrest him use his products.  Besides, few people want to try arresting a giant praying mantis anyway.


Halfmoon Tower - Apartments


The bottom 285 Floors of Halfmoon Tower are dedicated to individual living apartments.  Nearly 1000 apartments are located in Halfmoon, and even then, their prices are extravagant.  Many of the owners of the high end apartments on the top floors reserve several of these as living spaces for the hired help.  They are nice, but not very spacious, and usually have all the amenities.  But for some reason, the apartments seem a little prone to breakdowns and malfunctions, though no-one can say for sure why. Long term PC's looking for a place to stay may end up in some of these apartments, as most are paired and linked by a single door.


Halfmoon Tower - The Base

The first stop for most visitors to Halfmoon is at towers base, where a specialized starport brings in shuttles from elsewhere on Nar Shadda.  Next to that, inside the towers base is another, smaller mall.  Like everything else in Halfmoon, goods tend to be on the higher end of the price range, but once you get to the Base, the area is far more touristy.  And you can tell by the cluster of Hotels that have sprung up at the very base of Halfmoon tower, forming a near perfect outline around the tower itself.  Another 5 floors are dedicated to longer term stays, and the bottom 10 floors host a number of shops and restaurants - still pricy, but far more affordable.  Many of the shops there are shops that sell very useless tourist trinkets. 


Marduya Starport - One of the few things in Halfmoon that still bears any connection to its Muun founder, the two branches of Marduya Starport are located on either side of the immense Towers base (known among locals as West and East).  The Weather shield around the Plaza makes flying through the shield difficult (if not suicidal), so starships entering Halfmoon must be equipped with specialized shield frequency modulators and the right signal to be let in, and only specially licensed  starship pilots are given that.  As such, the Marduya Starports are not usually busy, but become crowded at regular intervals as specialized departures arrive from the main Nar Shaddan space ports, or from specific destinations such as Nal Hutta, Coruscant and Corellia.  Security is tight at Marduya, and under the watchful eye of Herglic Mondo Karr a platoon of Hutt Combat Droids watch over this vulnerable location, lead by the most competent guards money can buy.


Halfmoon Memories - Despite the pleasant name, Memories is a cheap shop with cheaper crap sold at prices that net an extravagant profit.  It' run by a Snivvian named Killoq, who strikes everyone who meets him as a total idiot.  But Killoq is actually very intelligent, and always keeps his eyes open.  If something seems out of place, he will see it.  It's an open secret that if you're looking for newcomers to Halfmoon, Kiloq will have seen them.  And he'll tell you about it - for the right price.


MoonBase Suites - The Corny name leaves few surprised that this is the cheapest place to stay in Halfmoon - essentially the space equivalent of a Motel 6 in an expensive city.  It's run by an spend-thrifty old Duros named Orlig, whom most are convinced is actually a Nemodian trying to pass as a Duros.


Scalions -  Scalions is essentially a superstore - a one stop shop for all manner of groceries, outfits, supplies and other things, designed to cater to the traveler who is vacationing.  As such, almost anything useful can be found here, and it is one of the few places to sell blasters openly in Halfmoon.  But like many such tourist shops, everything is immensely overpriced.


Crescent Gallery - Hutts are not known for their art.  Smugglers less so.  But among the Hutt slave races, a rich tradition of art has sprung up as those living under tyranny find ways to express their anguish.  The Crescent Gallery therefore is almost subversive, showcasing these art pieces made by Niktos, TwiLeiks, Weequay and others in Hutt Service to their upper class clientel, many of whom admire and interpret the art without giving a second thought to where it came from.  The proprietor, a human named Verak Kor Minial, finds this very frustrating.  It's little surprise he harbors Rebellion sympathies - but he is not a member of the Alliance - though extreme events could push him toward that.


Halfmoon Plaza: Main Street

The Main Street that stretches from Halfmoon tower through the entire plaza is galaxy renowned as one of the busiest marketplaces that can be found anywhere.  Shops and restaurants line the streets, and hundreds of vendors pedal their wares, from fruits and snacks to hand carved trinkets and more.  It's been said that every species in the galaxy can be found on Main Street, and it doesn't seem that far off, as all manner of unusual creatures traffic the plaza and own businesses there.


The Spiral Bar -  Named for it's conical shape crowned by a large spiral, the Spiral Bar is one of the busiest pubs in Halfmoon.  The wizened Nu-Cosian Gourago mans his bar with a smile and a friendly ear.  He's moving pretty slowly these days, but his crack team of reprogramed pit droid waiters and bartenders get the drinks there on time (and usually) in one peace.  Everyone is friendly at the Spiral - mostly because they all know it's frequented by the best bounty hunters in the galaxy, and nobody wants to get in a fight.  In the rare event a fight breaks out, Gourago is also on very good terms with the local Imperials, who are more than happy to break up any (rare) conflicts.


Cories Curios -  A shop filled with bizaare antiquities from distant locales, Corie is much a curiosity herself - a Chiss who has brought numerous, cheap artifacts from her side of the galaxy - none of which have any real value, but she's able to sell them at high prices due to the novelty of her wares.  Her goods come regularly via Halden - another Chiss who many rumor is in love with his employer, though both will deny that for differing reasons - who can often be found at the Spiral Bar when he's in town.  They tend to be minor celebrities due to their exotic nature, and are very popular in Halfmoons upper social circles.


Churro Chid - A regular on main street pulling a cart, Churro Chid is a Chadra-Fan who's treats are galaxy famous.  Few suspect there's actually at least 30 Churro Chids, despite the fact that at half of them can be found on Main Street at any one time.  All are competitors, and all claim they are the original Churro Chid, though most theorize the original died a long time ago.  Rumor also has it that one or two of the Chid's is a rebel spy, though nothing has been proven.


Sammy the Stormtrooper - Sammy is the most unfortunate Imperial in the galaxy.  Due to one to many screw ups, he's been regulated to what his "outreach" - what his comrades lovingly call "the Friendship Patrol".  Sammy's job is to try and put a 'nice' face on the Imperial Stormtroopers - posing for pictures, handing out candy for Children, and endlessly repeating the slogan "the Empire is there for you!"  He's not even allowed a working blaster.  Poor Sammy is dumb, but legitimately good hearted, and tries to do his job well.  And for that he's merciless teased, mocked, and occasionally beaten (but more often egged).  While they make fun of him, other Stormtroopers are deeply protective of Sammy, and will intervene with a vengeance if they catch anyone harassing him.  He can be identified from other Stormtroopers by the pink balloon tied to his arm.


Curatokos - No one knows what the name means, and the Drabatta (Rogue One Big Mouth) Roia isn't telling anybody.  It's set up as a pawn shop, selling knickknacks, antiques, and curiosities, but he seems to sell so little that most people wonder how he stays in business.  But Roia's is well known throughout the Bounty Hunter Community - because he sells weapons.  Like most thing in Halfmoon, the prices are expensive, and the merchandise is unreliable, but more weapons move through Roia's hands than anyone else's on Halfmoon.  The Imperials know he's selling these weapons, but Roia is good at what he does, and the Imperials can't prove that they come from him - and Governor Mosander  has decided that, for the moment, it's not worth the hassle to close the shop down.


Halfmoon Plaza:  The Rim

The Rim of Halfmoon has several large installations that form Halfmoons edge.  The Rim Itself is a covered walkway, carefully constructed to prevent people walking along it from seeing the decadence and smog of Nar Shadda that lies beyond.  Several key and critical locales are found along The Rim.


Imperial Prefect HQ - The Imperial Prefect is essentially the one place on Nar Shaddaa the Empire is given free reign.  Ovin Von Morsander, the Imperial 'Governor', knows this, well.  But Morsander has two things that make him excellent at his job - he is a skilled liar, and he is astoundingly corrupt.  He knows he has no power on Nar Shaddaa but money, but he also knows whom to butter up, whom to threaten, and whom to deceive to get exactly what he wants.  And what he wants is an easy, rich lifestyle which the Hutts are happy to supply him with.  IPHQ is run almost like a luxury hotel, with Morsander deciding to focus on "Imperial Outreach" and "Community Management" rather than "work".  He loans his Stormtroopers - all of whom are corrupt or lazy - out as Halfmoons security forces.  They don't mind - the Halfmoon locals appreciate them far more than the rest of the galaxy, mostly due to their very lax nature, and willingness to only enforce littering fines and breaking up public violence.  


Evoccii Memorial Hospital - "Sure, well take your planet, then kick you to the bottom rung on the moon, but at least you'll get a hospital named after you!" - Some Hutt, probably.  Before Halfmoon, EMH was the only notable structure in the area, a decrepit hospice designed to serve the poor and the downtrodden.  Halfmoon however, came right to the edge of the old Hospice, and atop the old buildings, a major, high end facility was built, that caters to all of Halfmoons high-rolling residences for exorbitant prices.  The healthcare available is the best quality - but the prices can be obscene.  One of the most notable inhabitants is Dr. Gregor Malsizn, a human doctor whose research and skill are both legendary.  The Hospitals lower levels (those under Halfmoon) still continue the original work, under the tireless Oldn Narro, an Ithorian whos made caring for the Undermoons sick his life's work.  For that, he scorned and mocked by the upper level staff.


Koondar's Starships -  Koondar is the swarm name for a number of Verpine, and their business is remarkably successful.  Due to innate Verpine intelligence and close connections with a Verpine-Run Junkyard on the other side of the planet, Koondar Starships make an immense profit buying old starships, repairing them, and selling them at an increase.  Specializing in snub fighters and small freighters, Koondar sees a lot of business.  The head spokesman (who always goes by the name Koondar though there are different individuals), are very precise and expert negotiators who rely on their innate skill at mathematics and quick speech.  While buyers never feel ripped off, no one has ever reported that they believe they got the best deal possible.

Star Tours: Nar Shaddaa - A branch of the Intergalactic Star Tours corporation, the Nar Shaddaa Branch of the Star Tours franchise offers high speed tours of most of Nar Shaddas important sights aboard a Star Speeder 3000-LX, featuring private booths so you can enjoy the scenery in private with your loved ones.  This branch remained open after the main corporation went under due to the fact that the Nar Shaddaa branch is, unsurprisingly, used as cover for covert rendezvous of all sorts.  The Star Tours are cheap, and the private booths are remarkably secure, and franchise owner Kreet Millix, a Neomodian who bought the place out from the original owner, goes to great lengths to ensure the booths are, as he puts it, "exceedingly private".  It's small wonder most of his customers are notorious...


First Galactic Imperial Bank - At one point, the Bank was the crown of Halfmoons Rim, where the Muuns who financed the Plaza could overlook their investment (and returns!) with Pride.  But as the Clone Wars raged on, a Muun with unnatural foresight named Galvar Indor did the unthinkable - he put progress ahead of profit.  Without telling his comrades, Indor struck a deal with the emerging Empire, giving them all of Halfmoon and most of the Muuns shares in the structure, in return for a management position at the now Imperial bank.  Indor's partners were carted off as Separatist Traitors, and Indor profited handsomely from the Imperial takeover.  But as time has worn on, he's noticed his superiors getting increasingly hostile to non-humans, and fears his head is on the chopping block as well.  He and his financial resources would be a huge wildcard were something to happen to the stability of the region.


Shadda oer Galleria de Hutta -  If you ever wanted to learn about Hutt history (or at least, the Hutts version of History), the Shadda oer Galleria de Hutta is one of the few museums open to non-Hutts that showcase ancient Hutt artifacts and tell their (slightly altered) history.  Inside one can find ancient Hutt weapons, tales of their victories over the TIonese, and rare artifacts contributed by the Kajidic's, as well as interesting clan histories and factoids.  Gredar Qunaalac Herdi is the primary overseer of the Museum, and Qunaalac artifacts are included to excess.  Her Majordomo, a Sakiyan named Sayli Vie considers herself a hunter of artifacts, and will often try to acquire new exhibits by any (legal) means she can, 


The Backhalf

The rear side of Halfmoon tower is almost a vertical city by itself, remarkably isolated from the rest of Halfmoon despite being part of the same building.  Nar Shadda regulars will feel much more at home in the Backhalf, as it is an environment much more befitting Nar Shadda's reputation then the small-coruscant on the other side of 'The Wall' as they call it.  In fact, only a few select doorways connect the front and back half.  While Halfmoons front is usually bare of vehicle traffic, the back is constantly in motion with vehicles and starships unloading cargo and moving goods about.  Travel up the Backhalf can be difficult, often requiring careful navigation of stairways and walkways, with turbolifts few and far between.  The various large landing platforms and docking pods often feel like miniature towns of their own, featuring their own cantinas and (cheaper) traveler shops.


Rustee's -  You need a spaceship part?  Rustee might have it.  This crotchety old Snivvian holds a special contract with the Verpine Koondar Junk Dealers on the other side of the planet, and buys used ship hardware in bulk (whenever Koondar Starships doesn't need it first, at least).  He specializes in half-functional parts, pieces, gizmos and whirls, and he'll sell them at a fair price, provided you listen to his rambling stories about how he "used ta fly with the best damn star pilot in the galaxy - Rycar Ryjerd!  (He's an idiot)"


Clear Day - The Ironically named Clear Day has never seen one in its life.  Located next to a docking port on the very edge of the Backhalf, the view out it's windows is always filled with the smog bouncing off the weathershield.  Bartender Uni Jar, a Kel Dor, has a fatalistic tone and an ironic one liner for all occasions.  But his product is good and (relatively) cheap, so his bar is usually busy.


The Works - The Works are a series of features on the Backhalf, large machines of great importance, but given little notice.  These include the immense water and air purifiers that supply Halfmoon, the weathershield generators, the power supply units, and the maintenance droid repair bays.  Keeping a place like Halfmoon both functioning and up to its cleanliness standards requires a lot of manpower, but the regularly scheduled services have been lax of late, and the systems could be vulnerable.


The Undermoon

Underneath Halfmoon is a desolate wasteland, practically a ghost town.  Half falling part bridges and the eerie visage of towers with their tops chopped off create a ghostly silhouette that is always shrouded in a thick, grimy haze (due to the weather shield funneling the sour air of Nar Shadda beneath it).  This makes the air mildly toxic, and long term exposure without breathing masks is not recommended.  Through the Haze, one cannot see the sky as Halfmoon Plaza itself creates a dark ceiling.  Trash receptacles from above periodically dump waste into the forgotten realm below, where destitute and desperate scavengers pick up the shreds.  Due to acoustic oddities, few sounds are able to pierce the shrouded mists, and those the do seem to echo for miles.  Most often, this sound is that of gunfire, as the only people who live below are either destitute, or part of one of the gangs thats fights for survival and territory.  Venturing down to the Undermoon is never recommended.


The Undertower - Floor 0, the bottom floor of Halfmoon tower, has only one entrance to the world below, hidden in a janitors closet in the Left Marduya Spaceport.  It's highly sought out by those who know of it's existence, for taking this small door will land you in the Undertower.  The lower levels of Halfmoon, those below the great plaza, were once average, typical apartments.  But when the Plaza was installed above, the rent for these existing apartments skyrocketed so that everyone who lived in them was forced to move out.  But the owners of these apartments quickly found that due to the unfavorable lighting caused by the towers presence, and the influx of smog funneled below the weathershield, the apartments could not be sold, at any price.  Shortly thereafter, they became abandoned.  Literally feet below the extravagent tower is a wasteland.  Drifters sometimes dare to make their homes in this now broken and rundown apartment complex, but few can survive the thickened smog which seems to pool in the poorly ventilated rooms for very long.  The air recyclers below have all failed, and wandering through the tower is like wandering through a ghost town.


The BackBone - Running the length below Halfmoon Plaza is an immense support girder.  This girder, running directly below Downtown, was designed to function as a maintenance unit, but few use it for that purpose.  Now, the BackBone is a mile long hovel.  Because the waste receptacles above empty through the Backbone, and because the smog tends to drift below it, literally thousands of destitute have crowded themselves onto the backbone, living on the narrow walkways and in abandoned utility closets, and clustered around the waste dispensers.


UnderRim - Each of the buildings that support Halfmoon's plaza outer rim has suffered the same lower level fate as the Undertower, save a precious few.  Stormtroopers do hostile environment exercises in the levels beneath IPHQ, and Oldn Narrow, the Ithorian Doctor, keeps the lower levels of the hospital running with a barebones staff.  Most the other structures have their lower levels abandoned, but for maintenance and power bays.  These treasure troves are regular targets for the gangs, and Koondars Starships in particular suffers regular raids on their maintenance systems (which the Verpine duitfully replace).


The Teeth - 12 Towers sit directly below Halfmoon Plaza - and half of them were cut off at the top to make room for the Plaza's breadth.  The smog conditions below have made them relatively uninhabitable, though a few ventilators still function in a few of them, making these locations excellent for hideouts.  These barren monoliths now have bridges stretched out between them in a haphazard fashion, and several brave gangs make their living among the teeth, fighting with each other for control of the abandoned towers.  The bad air means that in most of the area surrounding the teeth, rebreathers must be worn at all times.


Garanda Gang - A diverse gang of many species where Strength rules Supreme, the Garanda Gang considers itself the rightful rulers of the Undermoon, and is the largest gang in the Undermoon.  The Gang takes its name from its original founder, Elshon Garanda, a Nikto who most the gang adore as a father figure, who is long since dead.  It's currently lead by Horrak Muir, a Herglic with one eye and a short temper.  However, they've been losing ground to the Kanjiklub, and Horrak's advisors - Garrosh the Trandoshan and Killbar the Whiphid - are looking for a chance to take him out.  They can be found in a cluster of Teeth known as Garanda's Fangs.


Kanjiklub - Tasu Leech escaped from his Hutt masters on Nar Kanji and fled to the Nar Shadda to rebuild.  Now located in the Undermoon, he's building up strength for a time when he can return to Nar Kanji and liberate his homeworld and his family.  He has a number of people in his gang of differing races, but his closest companions are the human ex-slaves who escaped Nar Kaji with him.  The Undermoon is but a temporary hideout in his eyes, and the ruthless and intelligent Tasu beleives he will be able to return home soon - especially if something were to turn the Hutt empire into disarray.  Kanjiklub bounces from hideout to hideout, killing (or recruiting) rivals as they go.


Larks -   Everyone laughs at their name, until they realize the Larks are named for the leader - Twilek Gurdia Hols - pet - a vicious, 12 foot Crocodillain Larkadon.  Gurdia's gang is more interested in survival than in claiming territory, and is liable to leave well enough alone.  But she wants to get her "family" out of the Undermoon and to a safe place - but to do that, she needs creds. They live in a particularly large 'tooth' they call "The Lair."


Rakks - The Rakks are a small but dedicated (and very much wanted) swoop gang who have decided to try and make the Undermoon their permanent home.  A collection of species, they like to race through the teeth and make as much noise as possible - much more in it for pleasure than for anything else.  Sikes Malloy, a cocky young Sullistan, leads them.  The Rakks base is a hollowed out cavern in the lower part of the building that becomes the Galleria.


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