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Grimmes Binks
Mercenary Soldier

The Proud, Battered, Backwater, Bombad Soldier known as Grimmes Binks has seen his share of war across the Galaxy.  Being a Gungan he witnessed the beginning of the fall of the Republic and rise of the Galactic Empire.  As a young Warrior he joined his people and fought on the ground at the Battle of Naboo.  As the Clone Wars raged across the Galaxy he once again heard the call of service to battle.  He saw many engagements on many words across the Galaxy.  As the Clone Wars came to an abrupt close he found himself stranded far away from his home on Naboo with no moola to get back.  Looking in the mirror he was no longer the young vibrant Gungan he once was, but a hardened scarred mess of his former self.  His face scarred and his ear in tatters.  Grimmes used is presence to his gain.

Life for Grimmes was not all glory of battle.  He often found himself at great criticism as the first cousin to Representative Jar Jar Binks.  Jar Jar had always brought allot of shame to his family clan.  First in being banished from his people.  Later for being known as a bit of a fool in the Senate.  Grimmes gets really rowdy when Jar Jar is brought up.

As the Galactic Empire rose to power, Grimmes found himself no longer an honored warrior but a subclass alien.  He tried standing up to the Stormtroopers as equals and found himself quickly beat down again and again.  Yet Grimmes always managed to get back up.  Eventually his travels lead him to head deep into the Outer Rim offering his warrior services to those who could pay for it.  He hoped to make a name for himself like that Nozzie fellow who created Gungan Spit the ultra rare and highly coveted alcoholic beverage.

Recently, he learned that his homeworld of Naboo was once again under occupation after a protest to the Empire's New Order and the disbanding of the Galactic Senate.  The people of Naboo rose up in Rebellion and found themselves quickly quelled by the might of the Galactic Empire.  This upset Grimmes and has put him back into confrontation with the Galactic Empire.  This old warrior is ready to fight and prove that he still is a bombad warrior. This is where his adventure begins....


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