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Master Fwiffo

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Here's a couple resources I've got a lot of milage out of.

The first is a handy Cheat Sheet that covers base rules and combat rules.  It's great for new players.  The second is a version that covers Space Combat Rules - which pairs nicely with the combat rules for more experienced players.  The Space Combat one has two pages - one for Pilots, and one for Passengers, and pairing those with the regular combat rules makes for some good handouts.

I'd appreciate it if anyone finds any glaring errors that need to be fixed.

Finally, this bookmark page has served me well through all my campaigns. Just fold near the edge of the skills list.  It's very simple, able to serve as a page holder for 1 or two pages, just by sticking it in where marked.  And because I believe in utility, the outside flap has a handy reminder of all Edge skills and what base stat they are linked too, just in case your like me and can't remember all the skills that could be applicable in a  given situation.  Enjoy!

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