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Master Fwiffo

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If you're like I am, your players always have some stupid shop they want to go to, or thing they insist on buying.  Sure you mentioned there was a corner store, but that was entirely fluff, and now that ONE PC has decided they need a Selonian Orchid more than anything in the galaxy, and we're wasting boring time flipping through the books pages for a price as one player demands a med kit, and the rest go look at flowers.

Well, now you have an option!  What if that store was not just run by a boring nobody, but a character you can quickly build off?  Well, check Fwiffs List of Generic Characters!  This handy one page printout features dozens of name, a race, and a one line gimmick that will turn your players Orchid Run into a memorable experience.  Just grab a name randomly from the list, and your encounter will become 10x more fun!

Seriously, entire adventures have spun off this list for me, and I'm hoping ya'll will find it useful too.  Even adventures don't spin off, this will make your cast of generics on the street much more memorable.

pdf GenChars.pdf     

Dalia Kerns

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I like it.  I would take it a step further.  In the Age of Rebellion Sourcebook in the GM section there is a whole section for random personalities.  Combine this with that and you can really flesh out this random NPC.  I would suggest adding a D100 to this list so that you can randomly roll for those who are indecisive and cannot make a quick selection
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