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Here's some hints for running an Age of Rebellion campaign that will add a sense of realism to your adventures. Though it might seem like it doesn't matter now it will in the long run...
1. Stress the boredom. Soldier life is boring there is not constant fighting. You do maintenance there is constant watching, listening, waiting. You are always tired.
2. Missions change constantly. In the middle of what you're doing the radio starts squawking at you.
3. You are dirty. Always.
4. You sleep...when you can
5. Equipment breaks...it's made by the lowest bidder...I laugh when people say they have military grade equipment...AKA it's junk!!!
6. Violence happens it's fast, it's loud, it's over, then it's quiet, very quiet. 
7. Friends die.
8. You don't always get along.
9. You make your own fun. Soccer, baseball, card games.
10. You learn to barter with the locals for everything
11. Not all the "bad guys" are evil
12. You get lonely
13. You will regret the things you do and the things you should have done.

Not trying to be a downer, but war is the last option when diplomacy fails. Many forget this, the majority don't want it.
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