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I'm sorry to break the rules and post something that isn't mine, but I don't know if he is on here or ever will and this was too great to not share!

One time, we were sent into a Hutt's Labyrinth. Our party of...5 gets split. Long story short (and one poor Tan-Tan whose death totally wasn't my fault!), we get to the final boss of this labyrinth. The "minotaur". A freaking cybernetic Rancor. Yeah, you heard/read me right. Electric claws and metal arm, sharp teeth, the works. One of us runs away (dang Droids), I get the door, but two others...they get snatched up by the rancor! One girl in one hand, the other in the cyberclaws! Now, here is where it gets amazing. The cyberarm girl disables the arm (I think by hacking, actually), and is able to slip free. "What does she do?! Does she run!?" No, no. She does not. "Well, what does she do!?" She....this woman...this amazing character JUMPS INTO THE MOUTH OF THE CYBERNETIC RANCOR AND STARTS SLASHING AWAY WITH A VIBROSWORD! She gets gnawed at and swallowed, causing obvious damage. She gets spat up, causing more damage. The whole time she is running on adrenaline and slashing the insides! Finally, she gets to its' stomach and lands the killing blows to its' insides! Unfortunately, she lost her eyes due to the acid in the stomach. "Oh god! Then she died!?" Nope! We rescued her by getting her out Hoth Luke style! From that moment on, she became Renowned as the Rancor Killer, or feared for the same reason. Which ever it was, the rest of us gained the opposite. It was...my goodness, it was truly amazing.
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