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Hi all,

I've really been wanting to play Force and Destiny with people more regularly since I tried the Beginner Game.  I have a few modules-Beginner Game, Lure of The Lost, Core Rulebook, GM Screen, and Chronicles of the Gate Keeper.  I'd love to set up a time to game with like minded Star Wars RPG lovers in the East Bay California. 

I propose this-lets get together to do a one-off with the hopes of building a Regular L.O.G. group in the longrun.  I live in Berkeley, and we have a great place to meet in the form of Eudemonia in Berkeley.  I'm thinking we could meet and play either Saturday or Sunday Evening.  I could see with the holiday season upon us-that meeting in January might be best-but if we can organize and meet earlier-thats cool too. 

I'm interested in focusing on the Force and Destiny stuff-I am interested in repeating the Beginner Game mission, or continuing with the Act 1 of Lure of the Lost.  

Who's interested?  Who's in? Message me here if your interested in playing-let the force be with us and help us to get started :-)


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