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Background - Down and Out

Mirialans have a rich, ancient culture that integrates the Cosmic Force into their view of fate and destiny.  They believe in developing skills and seeking accomplishments to help build their connection to the force.  Their is a long legacy of Mirialans among the ranks of the Jedi order, bringing peace and delving into the secrets of the Force.

For Bryn Vost, this rich history was a shameful secret.  Along with his parents history in the Jedi Service Corps, Bryn kept his origins secret as his family bounced around the Inner Rim, making money as tramp traders, minor smugglers, and fixers that barely kept food on the table and clothes on the family's backs.  When he began to demonstrate his sensitivity to the Force, his family taught him to keep that part of himself suppressed and secret.  He ignored the traditions, hated his abilities and tried to pass as human in the Empire; until Yavin.

Faction - the Jedi Order

When news of Yavin, and the rebel Jedi who played a key part in destroying the Death Star, reached Bryn he realized that the path his was walking was a surrender to the evil of the Empire.  Unable to bear this self denial any longer, Bryn left his parents, sister, and friends in the community of mirialans trying to be human and set off to find this rebel Jedi, and learn his own traditions and past.  He has recovered much, built a deeper connection to the Force and is close to his success.  He is proud to call himself Mirialan, proud to call himself Jedi, and proud to oppose the Empire.

Obligation - Bounty

While almost every Jedi died in the dark times, and the Inquisitorius is far reduced, Bryn Vost has managed to draw the attention of one of the last Inquisitors, and there is a large bounty, both imperial and guild, on Bryn.  He hides his identity to avoid the two groups hunting him, but it cannot last forever.

Recently Bryn has heard rumors of a young child with strange preternatural knowledge, perhaps knowledge that can lead him to the next abandoned Jedi temple or cache of ancient wisdom...

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