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Ascetic Consular (sheets to be posted when Oggdude's generator is updated)

Borga Besadii Groola is a nephew of Decca Besadii Diori.  His parent was, he was told, "an inconvenience" who was dealt with.  Upon coming of age, Broga was gifted a cargo ship, a retinue of servants of varying abilities, and a small gang of ruffians.  All of these were of dubious value to Decca, and she was glad to be rid of them.  The ship had attracted unwanted attention.  The servants and fighters were either incompetent or potentially disloyal.

Indeed, when Broga sought to increase his holdings through a dangerous raid of a spice processing facility, his staff rebelled and subdued him.  Fearful of outright murdering a Besadii Hutt, they abandoned him in a remote location on Nyrvona.

The food stocks left for Broga were sufficient for serval months, and a portable shelter and basic tools would allow him to survive away from civilization.  But there was no means of communication, and little in the way of comfort.  Broga's wrath was great, and he spent his first weeks doing little but over-eating from spite.  Soon, he was forced with the reality that he would have to provide for himself or perish.  Perhaps through luck, or perhaps through the will of the force, his unsanitary ways attracted large rodents, which were easy to capture, prepare, and eat. 

Broga's days were spent building and maintaining a few small structures, harvesting the local flora and fauna, and contemplating his circumstances.  As his appetites faded over the years, he began to feel a greater connection to the land around him.  This feeling expanded over time to encompass more than just himself and his surroundings.  All the universe seemed to flow with a purpose that lay just outside his understanding.  Everything that had happened to him had led him to this place. 

But this purposeful universe did not excuse behavior, his or those of the other Hutts.  Broga felt that it was the excesses of the Hutt culture that blinded them to a greater path.  Wealth did not lead to greater happiness.  It lead to increased appetites in a vicious cycle of greed. 

When, decades after being abandoned, a team of prospectors located Broga and his homestead, they were understandably skeptical of his philosophies.  Surely this was more likely to be a ruse than genuine.  Yet he was able to convince them to take him off-world and bring him to the Outland Transit station, from where he has sought work.  His true goal is not pay, but experiences to broaden his understanding of the flow of the Force.

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