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Hello, all you happy people. This is an EotE adventure I ran at our local con here back in May.  It's a loose adaptation of "Escape From New York."  The players seemed to enjoy it.  It's a good one-shot, or it could easily be worked into an ongoing campaign.

The Hook:  The crew, stationed on Tatooine (I know, real creative, right?) are brought in for "questioning" by the local Imperial administrator.  This, of course, is simply a cover to hire them.  He tells the crew that his brother, a lieutenant in the Imperial Navy, recently crash-landed on the backwater forest world of Rothana in the Outer Rim.  The Empire has set Rothana up as a dumping ground for "undesirables" (pirates, smugglers, gangsters, and other assorted scumbags) who are kept on the planet by a low-orbiting array of auto-targeting turbo lasers that pulverize any ship that attempts to leave.  The only way to get past the lasers is with the bypass code, which is generated randomly every half hour.  The lasers, however, do not target incoming ships, which allows "residents" with adequate resources to stay supplied in food, weapons, vehicles, and other necessities through the use of drone ships.  Lawless does not begin to describe this place.  The administrator informs the crew that the Empire does not deem one junior officer worthy of a rescue effort, so the crew must perform the task.  They must land on Rothana and rescue his brother.  Only after confirmationarrow-10x10.png that the brother is alive and in their custody will they be given the bypass code to leave.  If they do not locate the brother, or findarrow-10x10.png he is dead, they will be permanent residents of Rothana.  If they refuse to take the job, they will be arrested, and sent to Rothana.  Upon success, though, they will be paid 30,000 creditsarrow-10x10.png.


The Meat:  After surviving as many encounters and battles as the GM deems necessary, the party will eventually find the lieutenant alive and relatively undamaged.  However, he immediately asks for their help.  He wants to defect to the Rebellion.  He was on his way to meet with a Rebel cell when his ship was damaged by stray space debris above Rothana, which caused him to crash.  He asks the party to take him to meet with the Rebels instead of returning him to his brother.


The End:  The party has 3 choices here.  They could return the lieutenant to his brother and not tell him about his intentions to join the Rebellion.  They could return him and rat him out for his treason.  Or they could deliver him to the Rebels, per his request.  Each scenario has potentially vastly different rewardsarrow-10x10.png and consequences.

Enjoy! [smile]

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I may have to try running these... Looks good.
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