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Master Fwiffo

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So I've been talked into joining up here by Nicholas, and since I'm starting a game up soon anyway, why not?

Just for clarification, what exactly are you guys looking for from the GMs here? I've been working hard on a central locale for my campaign, and perhaps wondering if you all want to take a look...
Dalia Kerns

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Well for the most part we just run events and players from different groups can come and join.  It is allot of fun.  There is a facebook story group that is working on ideas for Season 2 and beyond.  But as a Game Master it is cool when other GMs will post adventures that they write like the campaign you are doing.  I know really cool ones will get a graphic mock up by Legends of the Galaxy.  Some will be held for launch with season 2.  Really cool ones can be launched right away.  So I recommend you create cool stories run games and report adventure results.

Also chat in the discussion boards about questions about the game.  Get ideas when stuck by sending messages.  Post events for players in your area to find your games etc.
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