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Hey folks, ran in a game today where we did an auction, since its not told how in the books it was quick and dirty. Decided to sit down and try to create some rules for this to make it fun.
Since the players are not actually doing the negotiation in an auction, its the bidders fighting, the dice pools would come from the Bidders.
The player roll would be the Highest negotiation check of the Bidders. Then they would use that check to negotiate against all of the participants. 
The price starts at 50% base cost, for each success the price jumps 1/(# of participants)*50)%. For each advantage it adds 1% to the price (if players don't wish to spend it on boost), threat subtracts 1% to the price, Triumph adds 5% to the price and despair subtracts 5%.

IE: 4 Bidders, you roll against all 4 bidders, fail the first 2 but succeed on the last 2, with no advantage, threat, triumph, or despairs. The items would then sell for 50%+( ((1/4)+(1/4)) *50) -> 50%+((2/4)*50)% -> 50%+25%=75% base cost.

In effect if you succeeded on each roll with no other modifiers the items would sell at 100% base cost.

so there is a benefit to having more bidders as you have a higher chance of triumph and if you fail the roll you lose out on less % of money.

Now for High dollar items you can always reduce the amount the players get by having brokers take a cut and security take a cut and the house taking a cut. there are many ways to do this to make it fair.
Please tell me what you think.

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hmm, looks interesting. I would have to see it in play to get a real feel for it and then make the judgement. I am down for trying to see how it works in game.
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