Legends of the Galaxy
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Latest Data Set Location Darth Zorg OggDude Data Editor Chat 30 0
by Darth Zorg
Looking for a game in the Tampa Bay Area rivera440 Request an Event in your Local Area 5 0
by rivera440
Importing Data Files
1 2
apHywel OggDude Data Files 769 24
by Flession
I want to be a GM CharLok Register to become a Game Master 12 0
by CharLok
Zohan Strel ZnoahofShield Post your Character 44 0
by ZnoahofShield
Chalkazza ‘Kaz’ Kez Post your Character 28 0
by Kez
Savriel Kez Post your Character 22 0
by Kez
Weapons of the past Lobo Adventures 45 2
by Lobo
Dalia Kerns Dalia Kerns Post your Character 286 6
by DaliaKerns
GM advice on real soldier life CT072978 Adventures 31 0
by CT072978
Swapping out Vehicle Weapons NeoFett Rules Clarifications 17 1
by Korzan
Baka Ma Valelly Post your Character 51 0
by Valelly
Griff Kazh WildKnight Post your Character 36 0
by WildKnight
Dusi Nas jeffencourt Post your Character 28 0
by jeffencourt
Central Arkansas Quint50 Request an Event in your Local Area 8 1
by Thurazor
Force and Destiny RPG Quint50 Play by Post 28 1
by Von
Washington, D.C Area Hegel Request an Event in your Local Area 7 1
by Elias Gannage
Roll20 events blackfalcon1210 Request an Event in your Local Area 68 7
by NicoJMont
Cora Dolphie NicoJMont Post your Character 62 1
by NicoJMont
Will's Mentor Build CT072978 Post your Character 25 1
by CT072978
Molan Keteris - Droid Matthewdinode Post your Character 27 1
by CT072978
Jackade Belmit - Human Matthewdinode Post your Character 36 1
by CT072978
The Start of a New System (Spoiler Alert) CT072978 Adventures 34 1
by CT072978
GM Assistance Please - How to attack a Sand Crawler? NeoFett General Chat 13 2
by NeoFett
Will the Force Sensitive Exile CT072978 Post your Character 24 0
by CT072978

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