Legends of the Galaxy
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Subject Author Category Views Replies   Last Post
Roll20 events blackfalcon1210 Request an Event in your Local Area 45 2
by Hegel
Washington, D.C Area Hegel Request an Event in your Local Area 1 0
by Hegel
GM Assistance Please - How to attack a Sand Crawler? NeoFett General Chat 5 2
by NeoFett
Will the Force Sensitive Exile CT072978 Post your Character 5 0
by CT072978
The Start of a New System (Spoiler Alert) CT072978 Adventures 7 0
by CT072978
CT-0778 "Sergeant Wyatt" CT072978 Post your Character 9 3
by CT072978
Gridel TeBak CT072978 Post your Character 5 2
by CT072978
Boston - Looking for a group bwingfighter Looking for a Private Game 4 1
by NicoJMont
"Snips" R5-SP Slicer Droid NeoFett Post your Character 12 0
by NeoFett
Looking for Players - Characterz Cafe in Pleasanton CA NicoJMont Request an Event in your Local Area 8 0
by NicoJMont
California-East Bay: One-Off Meet Up @ Eudemonia In Berkeley? ttakami Request an Event in your Local Area 2 0
by ttakami
Looking for a group in Los Angeles SpaceCowboy Looking for a Private Game 12 0
by SpaceCowboy
Source Texts on Ryloth? ttakami General Chat 10 0
by ttakami
One of my PCs made a killdozer Kylo_Katarn Legendary Actions 39 3
by Veino
Species->Carrer->Specialization Synergies? RPG n00b ttakami General Chat 8 1
by NicoJMont
Site nearly unusable on multiple browsers Bront Feedback 8 3
by NicoJMont
Errors in rendering Dayuton Feedback 8 2
by NicoJMont
Razicus: Shii-Cho Knight Jaxsun Post your Character 54 2
by Jaxsun
Importing Data Files
1 2
apHywel OggDude Data Files 309 21
by viddwizard
GM Registration DarthDrogon Register to become a Game Master 10 1
by NicoJMont
Downloading GitLab files...... FLHTCU OggDude Data Files 279 2
OggDude Character Generator DaliaKerns OggDude Character Generator Chat 382 7
by Dayuton
Bryn Vost - Aspirant Jedi MillCrab Post your Character 36 0
by MillCrab
Shannon's Twi'lek character RedAndRua Post your Character 51 3
by RedAndRua
Star Wars destiny game Ganjy General Chat 10 0
by Ganjy

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