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     Legends of the Galaxy
General Chat
This is where members of Legends of the Galaxy can come to chat about anything.
138 47 Anyone still around?
by Honest
Post your Character
Do you have a favorite character that you want to show off to other players. Post your Iconic characters here
147 82 Wada Buda
by lordofchance
Want to discuss your favorite adventures played at a Legends of the Galaxy event. Give your adventure feedback here.
46 13 Dawn of Defiance
by Anonymous
Rules Clarifications
Do you have a rules question for Fantasy Flight Games? Post them here and they will be given directly to the FFG Staff and someone from Legends of the Galaxy will get you a response.
41 6 Swapping out Vehicle Weapons
by Korzan
Legendary Actions
Did your character do something amazing during a Legends of the Galaxy event? Post it here.
20 8 One of my PCs made a killdozer
by Veino
HoloNet News
Post here to report to Kira Skyfall news from around the Galaxy. She may write Holonet News articles about these stories
1 1 Meet Kira Skyfall Holonet News investigative journalist
by Kira Skyfall
Event Calendar
Check out our Event Calendar
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Start your Own Legends of the Galaxy Game
If you want to host your own Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying game. Add it to our calendar here.
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Request an Event in your Local Area
If you checked out our Event Calendar and don't see any events in your local area. Post here where you are located so GMs can see that there are players in your area looking for a group. This will encourage a group to open up in your local community.
58 20 Group of friends looking for a GM in the eastern Wisconsin area
by breezett93
Looking for Players
Do you want to start a Legends of the Galaxy Roleplaying Event. Post here that you are looking for players to start your own event.
56 11 Looking for Team/Players, etc
by Honest
Looking for a Private Game
If you are looking to start or join a Private game. This is the place to do it.
17 7 Any Online Groups Looking for Players?
by Makan
Star Wars News Chat
Chat about General Star Wars News
11 5 Star Wars Episode VIII - Spoiler Heavy
by bigbaldsavage
     Play by Post
Play by Post
If you are interested in Play by Post feel free to start your own adventure thread
9 2 Force and Destiny RPG
by CrowDancing
     Game Masters
Game Master Chat
This is a private chat area for Game Masters to discuss events
- - Members Only
Register to become a Game Master
Join the Legends of the Galaxy GM Team. If you want to get started with running your own events. Post your request here. Feel free to go into our event calendar and post your local events. Also chat here about what you need from Legends of the Galaxy to run a successful game.
42 10 I want to be a GM
by CharLok
Ways to Expand Adventures
In Legends of the Galaxy we connect all of the official Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy Adventures together. Check out this board for ideas and ways to interconnect the various adventures. This will help you foreshadow future adventures in other adventures
10 8 Long Arm of the Hutt - Mentor addition
by Pyremius
     Legends of the Galaxy Staff
Submit an Adventure for Download
Have you written an adventure that you would like to share with the Legends of the Galaxy staff? Post it here!
3 2 Sullest Hunt
by NeoFett
Moderators Only
A private discussion area only viewable by moderators.
- - Members Only
Report Abuse
If you are experiencing any issues during a Legends of the Galaxy event please let our Game Masters know.
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If you have feedback you would like to share with the Legends of the Galaxy staff. Post it here
18 6 Site nearly unusable on multiple browsers
by NicoJMont
     OggDude Character Generator
OggDude Character Generator Chat
This is where you chat about the Character Generator and how to make a character
9 1 OggDude Character Generator
by mredaniels
OggDude GM Tools Chat
This is where you can discuss how to use the GM Tools in a General Chat
0 0 No posts
OggDude Data Editor Chat
Discuss how to use the Data Editor to add your own content to the OggDude Character Generator
2 1 Latest Data Set Location
by dindenver
OggDude Data Files
Chat about Data Files to add descriptions to the OggDude Character Generator. Please note Legends of the Galaxy does not endorse sharing this information.
33 3 New rise of the separatists data
by Flession
OggDude Generator Issue Report
This is where people can report issues with the OggDude Character Generator
2 2 not displaying all races
by chamtong
OggDude Generator Download
Download the OggDude Character Generator
- - No posts
OggDude Generator File Share
Here you can access public shared files related to the OggDude Character Generator. Send your files to dalia@legendsofthegalaxy.com to be added
- - No posts

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